The purpose of this blog is to get people–especially Christians–to meditate on what it means to be a follower of Christ (based on his words alone).  These are just my personal thoughts and opinions.  Please feel free to give me your honest feedback.

I do not claim to be a theological expert.  I am a seeker.  I want to know the heart of God through Christ Jesus.

Every week I will post a weekly message.  It is my hope to put meditate and put into practice each message for one week.  Pleases join me! I would like to create a community of learners and practitioners of Christ’s teachings.  Please post your thoughts and experiences along this journey.


Katie Runnels


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Amen. It is amazing to me that HE is the TRUTH. Christ is the Way. Christ is the Truth. Christ is the Life. All we need to do is get closer to Him. All we need to do is know Him intimately. This, too, is no small task. Some of his teachings are so contrary to what we have been “brainwashed” to believe.


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